"From acute pain relief to wellness care."

If you are suffering from prolonged pain you could be out of alignment.

Correction – Prevention.

Joint pain can be caused from a misalignment problem within the joint. Many misalignment problems are small but over a period can grow in frequency and intensity. Once correction starts, relief is often instantaneous. I believe in not only correcting the problem but also advising lifestyle changes that prevent the problem from returning.

Acute Backache

Medical research states that 80% of the population will have debilitating acute back pain at one time in our lives and that 30% of us currently have back pain.

Timothy St. Denis, D.C.

Ladner Chiropractor Dr. Timothy J. St. Denis has had over 36 years of dedicated service as a chiropractic doctor. He has been trained in taking and interpreting radiographic films, which aid in diagnosis and treatment of joint pain and related issues. Only after a thorough examination will he determine if radiographs are necessary, meaning that only the most effective, pertinent and personalized chiropractic treatment will be provided to you, the patient.